LHBS-Radio Broadgreen

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About Us

We are Liverpool’s ONLY Hospital Radio Service

Radio Broadgreen is part of our parent charity, Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service (reg England & Wales 508557). And a member of HBA.

We operate a full 24 hour radio service with live programmes and recorded shows along with patient and health information.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers with no paid staff, making us a charity in the true sense. Some staff produce live programmes each week, others help out fundraising to cover the running costs of this radio service.

Currently we broadcast our programmes to Royal & Broadgreen NHS Trust and the Liverpool Heart & Chest NHS Foundation Trust.

Our History

LHBS - Radio Newsham/Radio Broadgreen, how it all started….

Radio Newsham started life in 1975 based in one room at Newsham General Hospital in Anfield, Liverpool. In 1982, Radio Newsham were approached by Broadgreen Hospital administration to set up an new radio service for Broadgreen Hospital. To accommodate the operation of two hospital radio services, Radio Newsham changed it’s charity name to LHBS and after some fundraising, Radio Broadgreen started broadcasting in October 1983.

Many of the Radio Newsham staff would have to do a programme at Newsham hospital and then a second programme at Broadgreen hospital each week.

Radio Newsham closed following the closure of the hospital in 1987.

Radio Broadgreen remains the only hospital radio service in the Liverpool area.

Our Future

The future of hospital radio for Liverpool…

Hospital radio has changed in many ways from those early pioneering days of Radio Newsham.

Technology has become more available for our slim budget, and so LHBS have embraced the use of new technology. We use a computerised radio playout system, remote broadcasts can now be done wherever there is a phoneline or Internet access and we stream online offering anyone the opportunity to listen to hospital radio.

We have a project in place to operate a licensed transmitter to cover the whole of the Broadgreen Health Park - reaching out to those parts of the hospital site that don’t receive us.

And it is hoped that we will also be able to offer our unique programmes to other hospitals in the Liverpool area using low cost technology.